Painting on ceramics


Express yourself in the art of ceramics, deepen the transformation of matter, studying the effects of color and finishes and finally exciting the cooking fire. An ancient process that brings us closer and makes us like our ancestors. Masters of Deruta potters, will guide you in this artistic journey, referring to the advance of knowledge, methods and current technologies in support of manual creativity. The duration and content of the courses are adaptable to the demands and will take place at the "Laboratory Ubaldo Grazia" in Deruta.


1° DAY
Arrival to the Grazia factory. Knowing who will be your guide and translator. Illustrative visit of the factory. During the tour you will see the working process, the museum of the factory and will be given the basic historical notions about the company Grace and ceramics in general. Accommodation in a room and the master's knowledge that will assist the students for all the lessons. The students will find their places an object (a tile) already glazed and dusted with a decor chosen by the teacher, with whose assistance may then proceed to the contouring and painting the piece.

2° DAY
The students will find their places a plate of 28 cm already glazed. The teacher will then dusting will help you achieve the threads of a plate. In below will guide them in contouring and painting the piece. You will be given the opportunity to choose from three classic decor.

3° DAY
The students may choose to work on a piece of flat or cylindrical shape, already glazed. Customers can choose between a classic or contemporary decor. They will try to make your own dusting and the thread of the piece. Then proceed to the painting.

4° DAY
The students will work on a piece of cylindrical shape. Put into practice all the techniques learned in the previous days, trying to do everything yourself. It will then move to the concluding remarks at the end of the course and delivery of the certificate of attendance. Final farewell.

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