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The story has definitely influenced the Umbria also from a gastronomic point of view. Gastronomy, foot and wine in Umbria have an ancient history.

Most of the Umbrian region was affected before by the Etruscan and later from the Romans civilization. These civilizations had a considerable impact on the food; that is still present, in fact there is an extensive use of legumes and cereals, mainly wheat and barley which are the basis of many ancient recipes.

cartina gastronomiaPopular are vegetable soups, the typical bruschetta with the new oil, the hand-made pasta as strangozzi and pappardelle served with foul sauces or truffles, roast lamb or coratella made with its offal. Pride of the place is also the famous pizzas with cheese or their sweet packaged version during the Easter period.

A typical product of Perugia’s province is “Torta al testo”, that owes its special name by the cooking of the round shaped pasta over a disk of inert material called testo. It is traditionally placed in the fireplace were the cake is baked above sprinkled on the surface with warm ashes. The dough is very simple, water, flour, salt and sometimes yeast.

About the desserts, the Torcolo is definitely the tradition cake of Perugia, it takes its name from one of the saints patron of Perugia, San Costanzo, which is celebrated on 29 January, during those days all the bakers prepare this cake whose recipe is based on bread dough enriched with olive oil, candied citron, raisins, pine nuts and anise. The cake is shaped like a donut. Instead during the carnival the traditional cake of Perugia is the Strufoli, fried dough with honey or alchermes.

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