Forte Sorgnano

The Farm

Forte Sorgnano is a farm which extends for two hundred and eight hectares. One hundred and eighty hectares consist of wood inside of which you can find every species of trees; ilexes, chestnuts, firs. The remaining twenty eight hectares which encircle the farmhouse, contain a century hold olive grove to which have been added more than one thousand younger olives. These plants don’t know chemical fertilizer such as: plants protection products and herbicides. All the plants are well kept and pruned only by expert hands.


We produce extra virgin olive oil. This oil borns from olives for 90% moraiolo trees and 10% leccino trees. From the harvesting to the momentof the pressing we don’t let never to pass more than two days. We also personally control the pressing nearby the oil press in Gualdo Cattaneo. The result of all this is an extra virgin olive oil with low acidity, with a fruity aroma and it is rich in unsaturated lipids and vitamins E. It is also possible to buy many local products such as: wine, grappa wine, vin santo, pasta, traffles… We send our oil and produce throughout the entire world Ask us for a quote!