Forte Sorgnano Castle

Suspended between earth and sky, Sorgnano Castle is the perfect choice for your best day ever, in the heart of Italy. The Sorgnano estate is placed in the centre of Umbria, between Assisi and Perugia, Todi and Montefalco. Immersed in a land of uncontaminated nature, oak woods and olive trees, the castle stands on the top of a hill that overlooks a magnificent valley. Its origins must be strictly tied to its position, ideal for the ancient people of the Lombards to monitor the western boundary of the Duchy of Spoleto. The majesty of the stone walls contrast with the intimacy of the welcoming courtyard, that is crowned by finely furnished halls and a 360° terrace. A magic and timeless atmosphere that only a centuries-old castle can create. And that is waiting for your personal touch. Inside the property, you can find a XVIII century rural village converted into a lovely country house, with all the comforts – swimming pool, restaurant, farm, recreation ground and relaxation area.

Forte Sorgnano Castle History.

The first reference about the Castle dates back to the XIII century, in the Liber Censum of the Vatican Secret Archives, but the foundation must date back to the 7th-8th centuries, the Lombard epoch. Geograhically placed at the borders of the Lombardic Duchy of Spoleto, it had to be one of the fortress built to strengthen the Duchy in the area close to the Byzantine corridor, the strip that connected the Exarchate of Ravenna to Rome. During the 13th century the Castle was in the list of the Guelphs, factions supporting the Pope against the Emperor – the so-called Ghibellines. In the following centuries its destiny was strictly tied to Bettona, the nearest town, and to the families that owned the estate: Segna, Crispolti, Della Penna, Bianconi.