For anyone who wants to live an experience linked to our traditions and our territory, we offer many opportunities. Cooking classes, yoga, ceramics and much more

Painting on ceramics

Express yourself in the art of ceramics, deepen the transformation of matter, studying the effects of color and finishes and finally exciting the cooking fire. An ancient process that brings us closer and makes us like our ancestors. Masters of Deruta potters, will guide you in this artistic journey, referring to the advance of knowledge, methods and current technologies in support of manual creativity. The duration and content of the courses are adaptable to the demands and will take place at the “Laboratory Ubaldo Grazia” in Deruta.

Cooking courses

Do you want to learn how to cook the most famous pasta dishes and traditional Umbrian cuisine? Forte Sorgnano offers you a chance to do so. Under the guidance of an experienced person can prepare your “home made pasta” for an unforgettable meal, the flavors and scents of this land. The satisfaction of having learned something more about the culinary specialties of Umbria will combine well with the pleasure of the palate!

Yoga o Tai Chi

Practicing Yoga or Tai Chi Chuan in the middle of pristine green hills surrounding Forte Sorgnano is definitely one of the best ways to approach this discipline. In that special moment in which the mind and the body is switched between the day’s activities to the quiet of the evening we will be doing a practice relaxing and rejuvenating in the best physical and mental condition to accommodate the expected arrival of the summer season; freeing us from tension and fatigue will be more inclined to appreciate the energies of rebirth stimulated by the summer.
Forte Sorgnano also offers the possibility of themed courses of the duration of one, two or three days or a week of intensive seminars with lessons distributed throughout the day.

Most activities that Forte Sorgnano, together with the center YANTRA Yoga and wellness of Foligno (Pg) are:


– Yoga: The word is derived from Yuj that means “Unite”. thanks to this discipline, which stimulates the inner strength, we can face the external circumstances with no be overwhelmed and being discouraged.

– Dance Movement Therapy: allows you to rediscover oneself, our creative and expressive potential and to reach mental and physical harmony through body language. It is also ideal for children, as it allows to discover their individuality and uniqueness.

– Tai Chi Chuan: characterized by harmonious movements, slow, smooth, carried out in a state of relax and inner calm, this discipline allows to develop and strengthen its inner strength.

– Exercises of Qi Gong: to re-establish a good circulation of energy in the meridians and relax sessions with guided meditations.

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